This is my SAAB homepage

Iīm glad , you have chosen this page. Saabs are in my opinion
the most genius cars of the world and are an interesting hobby for me

Me and my region

My name is Vesa Pohjalainen
andI live in Middle-Finland with my family; wife and two sons. Jamsa is wellknown for the UPM ( United Paper Mills in Kaipola and Jamsankoski )

The nature of Jamsa is very beautiful because of many lakes such as the Paijanne

Something about my hobby

 My first Saab was 900 -86. Before that , I drove with BMWs but they were too small in family use. I bought my second Saab in 1989. It was 900 c -89 ( Finnish specialversion ). I call it as a " poor manīs limousine ." The Saab desease " became worse. when I bought first Saab 96 -77b in 1993. It wasnīt in good condition but so cute anyway. The painting was spotted and the interior terrible.With my wife and two sons ( in age 4 and 2 years ) I restored it. But it was love at first sight. So about it later... If you are interested in my hobby so please check links too. Hope you like it. Remember , Finland is also the country of Saabs even Sweden is the home of Saabs. Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki made cabriolets, 9-3 Viggens and 9-3 LPT models by the end of 2002. Now the cabriolets will be made in Austria.